Our Story of Freekeh

by Troy DeSmet

President and CEO of Freekeh Foods

Why is it beneficial to grow freekeh?

Freekeh tastes great and is useful in countless ways. That said the benefits to farmers are many.  We use durum to produce Freekeh, and as durum is grown in arid conditions throughout the world, Freekeh is a drought tolerant crop that delivers a highly nutritious food to people.  Considered a farmer’s food in common growing areas in the Middle East, our goal is to share the product worldwide. Freekeh is a pioneering brand that has pushed us to learn more about the many different facets of the organic food industry.  It has allowed us to give back to our community and to share with the world a wonderful food that has been enjoyed for thousands of years by many people.  The opportunity we have with Freekeh enables us to push the boundaries of what food can be for us all.  Thanks to our partners at Davis Drier and Elevator, we are able to manufacture and clean the product in a 100% solar powered facility to the highest standard. We believe Freekeh is good for the Earth and good for our bellies.

Freekeh has enabled us also to promote ideals of ownership; we are family, employee, farmer, and processor owned.  We believe that ownership provides us with a greater commitment and devotion to our goals.